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Yoga - as it relates to Myofascial Release

After practicing yoga for the last four years (and MFR for 10), there are a couple of things I could say about yoga as it pertains to MFR.
It seems to me that yogic moves are done in such a way as to stretch all the muscles (to loosen) and tighten all the muscles (to tone) in the various ranges of motion that the body can make. 

I self-treat a lot. I treat the areas that, to me, seem tight and sore. When I started doing yoga, I realized there are parts of my body that I just was not aware of, and so didn't treat them - couldn't even get to some of them, as they were deep and/or covered with other tight tissue. So, yoga, for me, has made me aware of unchartered territory. Once I started treating those areas, I went much deeper into myself and gained greater range of motion rather quickly.

The other point I would make is the correlation between MFR and Restorative Yoga. The way I think of it, is that for release to happen, pressure must be created in a body and held for a length of time. It is good to go into a state of mind where the analytical mind is shut off and attention is tuned into the body. 
That is what restorative yoga is all about. We go into a position that creates tension in the body. Then we prop ourselves in such a way as to be able to hold that tension and totally relax all our muscles at the same time. In a restorative class, each position is held for 3 to 5 minutes. When I do restorative yoga at home, I stay in a position until I feel like changing position. I think of the correlations as “pressure and time.”

I had a day off a couple of weeks ago and I did an 8 position set of yin (hip) yoga which took me 3.5 hours. Aaah, the release! 
I teach my clients how to self-treat. I also explain the benefits of taking restorative yoga classes. Call me to learn more!

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