Myofascial Release Therapy
An Introduction video by Scott van Niekerk

MyoFascial Release Minnesota
Laramee Paradise, CMT
Expert Level Myofascial Therapist
Self Treatment

Getting Started with Self Treatment:

*An easy way to begin is to lay on something or lean back against something that pushes into your body.  This uses the combination of your body weight and the tension caused by what you lay on.

*Take a towel and fold it in half and then roll it up.              
*Lay on your back or sit in a chair - preferably one that can lean back.  You may need a pillow under your head and/or one under your knees to take the tension off your low back.  
*Put the rolled up towel horizontally across your upper back.       
*Lay or lean back and relax.  Relax your whole body so no muscles are tense or holding you into that position.  Close your eyes and put your attention into your body, especially where the towel is.  Get your body to "go limp" in that area.  Feel the tension go out of that area.  Wait five minutes.
*Then put the towel on another spot on your back.  Try and find a spot that is hot, hard or tender.  Wait five minutes in each area.  
*Continue this on your entire back, neck and hip areas.
*Try putting your arms and legs in different positions.  Try laying on your hands or putting them up over your head. Cross your legs or spread them far apart.  You can also bend your knees and put your feel flat on the floor.  This should feel good on your low back.  

Do these self treatment techniques at least once a day.

Feel the softening of the tissue and the lessening of pain.


Notes About Self Treatment:
Devote time to self treatment - you should stay in each position for at least five minutes.
Learn to feel what is going on in your body - this comes with time.
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